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My areas of expertise are:


Organizational Leadership:

  • 28 years as Executive Director or Consultant with  22 non-profit agencies, foundations and government projects.
  • Board member or volunteer with 10 organizations.
  • Skilled at organizational planning, and board and staff development.
  • Strategic thinker.  Change agent.  Values-based leadership.

Charitable and Non-Profit Management:

  • I can take your dream from a great idea to a new organization.
  • I have experience with startups and with managing long-term organizations.
  • I can provide interim management or restructuring advice.
  • Strategic Planning:  I have a 360° approach to consulting.  I can step in at critical times and look at all aspects of your agency, taking a “second look” at why, and how, you do what you do, without losing focus on your goals and without alienating staff.

Foundation Management and Grant-Making:

  • I’ve managed charitable and grant-making foundations.  Consulting on both ends of the grant process gives me a unique perspective.
  • I can help you chart your course:  do you establish a new family foundation or partner with existing organizations?
  • I can act as your senior foundation staff member or consult when needed.
  • Is that well-crafted 10-page application with a full Program Logic Model proof of a charity’s value or just proof that their staff or consultants write well?
  • I can take you beyond Board of Directors’ Lists and Financial Statements to find what’s really behind a great grant application and a great charity.

Non-Profit Communications and Marketing:

  • You’ve run health promotion campaigns for 5, 10, 20 years … is anything working?  I can conduct a Communication Audit to identify the best strategies for all your future campaigns.
  • What is Web and Social Media 2.0 and all this talk of Conversations vs. Information Delivery?  I can help you understand books like The Thank You Economy, Social Media for Social Good and Twitter for Good so your online content has real impact.
  • I can act as project lead and writer for Annual Reports, Agency Brochures and other marketing items.
  • Please visit my Portfolio page for some sample communications projects designed for small and mid-sized charities.


  • Everything starts with a solid Fund Development Plan, whether you are ready for a 1-Year or 5-Year Plan.
  • I can help you integrate fundraising with marketing and communications.
  • When your fundraising does not meet your expectations, I can consult with you to find a path to improvement.
  • I’m skilled at a variety of giving strategies, including:  government and Trillium applications, individual donor strategies, securing foundation and corporate grants and sponsorships, and special events.
  • The model I use is the Ukrainian Nesting Doll:  we build your fundraising with careful management, without risk of large losses and with steady upward growth.

If you would like to discuss my services, please visit my Contact Page for more information.

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